Abby Wendy


Painting outside in nature - en plein air - is a connection with natural elements and the environment on that day in time. Weather and atmosphere are communicated through direct experience. I also photograph nature or events and paint them in my studio. Large multipiece works were inspired by the interconnections and overlaps of our surroundings and experiences. I choose styles of expression, realism or impressionist and mediums oil, acrylic, water colour or chalk pastel depending on the mood and subject. 
Abby Wendy UnsinkableAbby Wendy Boathouse landscape
Abby Wendy Landscape AcrylicAbby Wendy Landscape Watercolour and penAbby Wendy Landscape oilAbby Wendy Landscape oil Blue monochromeAbby Wendy Landscape oil on board en plein airAbby Wendy Manapouri Landscape Acrylic